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[soa-pmc] [CQ 5341] Subclipse Version: 1.6.5

--- Comment #12 from Zsolt Beothy-Elo <zbeothy-elo@xxxxxxxxxx>  2012-02-13 14:34:22 ---
(In reply to comment #11)
> In order to move ahead with this request as a 'workswith', the process [1]
> indicates the PMC of the project will discuss/decide requests of this nature
> transparently either via email on the public PMC Mailing list or in the minutes
> of meetings distributed to the public PMC mailing list.
> Zolt:  If this has not yet occurred, PMC will need to initiate and provide the
> applicable URL here when completed.
> Standing by.

Oops, I am afraid I was overhasty, but the SOA PMC will have the discussion in
the next conf call and document the results in the wiki. Should really study
the Eclipse processes more thoroughly. 


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