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[soa-pmc] Clarification on contributions from SOA


Can you help me sort out the SOA contributions to Juno? Currently appears
these three files are there. I'm fairly sure the last one, and its features
can be removed.


I have opened a bug to document this
BugĀ 370671 - remove stp.b3aggrcon file from Juno aggregation build
but thought I'd send this note as well just to make sure it gets the
broadest attention.

Seems last I heard there was "one of the stp features that had to be moved"
or something (but, that was long ago, and I could be mis-remembering).

Something is wrong that no one would have noticed until now if none of
these features are intended for Juno ... obviously from several sources ...
but would encourage you to test the common repository "as a whole" to make
sure it is correct, especially the "SOA Development" category (where these
"stp" feature would have been showing up.

Feel free to comment in bug 370671 if I am in error, but otherwise, I will
disable the features (now) and will remove the file later in the week.


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