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Re: [soa-pmc] Mangrove not in Juno

Hi Marc,

Can I assume that you mean Git and not GitHub? i.e. a Git repository at


On 12/07/2011 12:37 PM, Marc.Gille@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

Thanks, Adrian.


We were actually planning to sign-up for Juno with Stardust. We have 30% of the code (all modeler code) approved and in Github. We will submit the Kernel code for IP check this week and hope to belief in January.




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Hi guys,


After considering the pros/cons of signing up Mangrove for Juno, I think that the best option is to skip Juno. The reasons are as follows:

-          The current BPMN editor is being archived

-          The new BPMN editor will not be in Juno

-          Stardust will not be in Juno

-          Engineering are still using the old code-base, I think the migration from STP-IM to Mangrove should be complete before committing to Juno, as there might be changes needed and I don’t know when these would occur


Overall I don’t see much value of putting it into Juno now and I’d rather benefit from the freedom of adding and changing stuff to it anytime than be restricted by the Juno code-freeze and so on.

Any thought on this? If there is no strong opinion to pursue Juno for Mangrove, I’ll stick to this idea.



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