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Re: [soa-pmc] FW: [] reminder of "extra" planning meeting 11/23, 12 Noon

Same here. Sorry, Adrian.


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Sorry, I can't make it.

Bob Brodt

Hi guys,


Anybody volunteering for this conf call ? It’s an “extra” meeting that has been added to the agenda in between two regular monthly meetings. It’s this Wednesday. I can’t so if Marc or others can take part, please let me know asap.





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Subject: [] reminder of "extra" planning meeting 11/23, 12 Noon


I would like continue our planning discussions, to make sure everyone has had their say on the current requirements document for Juno (and future) releases.

Please review my notes from last meeting, to see if I've captured your comments/suggestions correctly:

I've tried to outline what still needs to be done in next meeting agenda

While we can finish up wording/polish issues by our December 7 meeting, I want to be sure we've settled main substantive issues before then and that everyone gets a chance to talk. I think there are 2 or 3 substantive issues left ... plus any others that any PC members want to add. If you do have specific issues, or concrete suggestions, feel free to add a section to the agenda for 11/23 meeting so we can read them first, before the actual meeting.

Also, we never got a chance to talk about the online checklist (aka "tracker") ... Achim, I hope at 11/23 meeting you can report if you (and BREDEX) are still interested in helping? And/or if you and Wayne have had a chance to discuss? While this is lower priority than getting the document settled, we can discuss options and alternatives at 11/23 meeting if there is time.


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