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Re: [soa-pmc] delegate for Eclipse Planning Council

Hi Adrian

I've got an appointment outside my office at 5PM but I think I could do it anyway.

What's our own agenda at SOA for this meeting ? "we'll do mandatory activities for Juno as required" ? something about BPMN2 ??


Le 09/11/2011 11:21, Mos, Adrian a écrit :

Hi guys,


We need to nominate a delegate for the Planning Council that will take part in the monthly conf-calls on the occasions when I cannot participate. For example today, I cannot take part so somebody would have to replace me there. They now require all PMC reps to nominate a delegate for such situations.


Without trying to forcibly “volunteer” people to do this, I’m thinking that people that are planning to join the Juno release train (Marc D. or Stephane) might find it useful to take part every now and then... J Of course any other PMC member is welcome for this.


Please step forward if you’d like to do this, on a permanent basis, or at least for today. There doesn’t seem to be much on the agenda for today but still we need to be present.


It’s at 6pm European time (12.00 Eastern US).




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