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[soa-pmc] STP Termination Time

Hey folks. It's time to terminate STP.

I've started a wiki page to capture what needs to be done.

It turns out that there are a handful of active projects that are marked
as "components" in the foundation database that we need to sort out what
to do with.

I also noticed that some commits are being registered against some of
these projects; this could be old metadata from the STP project making
bogus claims. Or it could be people still committing against those
projects. Whatever the case, I'd like to resolve it.

Please take a look at the wiki page and help me resolve what needs resolvin'

Please feel free to make edits/additions to the page as you see fit.

I'd really like to at least initiate the review by the end of the month.
We can queue up the action items as part of that review.



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