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Re: [soa-pmc] Proposed BPMN 2.0 editor sub-project

Hi Adrian, Andrea, Bob, all,

Information related to the bpmn2 visual editor is available at
Unfortunately no design docs yet. It started off by focusing on code first and getting most of the bpmn2 spec implemented. Docs on extensibility etc still needs to emerge from all this.

In terms of main building blocks, it's on top of graphiti modeling framwork and EMF BPMN2 metamodel.

See and for some basic screenshots taken with the latest prototype version. includes the installation instructions and url to the latest continuous update site (

While the current source-code should provide a good start for extensibility, there is just one extension point for now: custom tasks.
The extension point was introduced having jbpm support in mind but I guess eBPM could be plugged in a similar fashion, extension point definition is not specific to jbpm.

Interoperability with the other bpmn2 editor vendors is established by using BPMN2 xml as a native format for the editor, including DI -- no import/export needed and all the diagram information is persisted in the BPMN2 DI section.

The transformation from bpmn1.1 to bpmn2 would be nice but that's not available for now :(

Regarding tutorials, videos etc, we are trying to put one small together and afaik also either Kris or Bob from jBoss are working on some stuff.

Kind regards,
Ahti Kitsik
Founder & ChiefCoder & CEO at Codehoop

Eclipse RCP development, Open Source consulting

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