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Re: [soa-pmc] Seeking for new architecture council representative

Hi Zsolt, Adrian, all

Open Wide (with partners INRIA, Talend, Nuxeo, Bull) is in the starter phase of a new SOA-themed project, codenamed EasySOA (*). Actually, the official kickoff was last week, which explains that I didn't answer soon. This project will help us renew our involvment in Eclipse SOA, but it has not yet been decided whether we go in for an additional stake. The first step to know that will be a (long awaited !) telco meeting with Adrian, since Mangrove is a pretty important part of it. So we'll try to have a common position before the 9nth, but otherwise Adrian would be a perfect candidate for me.

The EasySOA project aims at a light platform that lowers the cost of access to existing service oriented architectures (SOA) in the information system without compromising their integrity. The EasySOA project has the System@tic label (French Open Source cluster) and a 4m€ budget on 2010-2012. Partners are Open Wide (leader, integration & BPM), INRIA Lille ADAM labs (heterogeneous service engine), EasiFab (grown out of INRIA Grenoble labs, light SOA model and SOA monitoring), Nuxeo (content management platform), Talend (data & service integration), Bull (SOA administration & monitoring).

Le 01/03/2011 10:57, Mos, Adrian a écrit :
Hi guys,

After consultations internally in Xerox, I wanted to let you know, as hinted in the PMC call, that I could take this position. If nobody else is strongly motivated to do so (it seems from the lack of replies that this is the case), and if people agree, then Zsolt please feel free to propose my name for the AC. Regarding the actual duties for the AC members, I have read the various pages on and the wiki and I will further discuss this with the people at EclipseCON in March.


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Dear PMC members,
as we were only three in the call yesterday we did not dare to make a
decision. Instead we decided to advertise the job and nominate the
representative in the next call (15th of March).  So if you feel
qualified for the job or know someone else from the SOA projects who is
qualified and of course willing, let us know. Deadline is 9th of March.
BTW, can
serve as a rough job description.


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