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[soa-pmc] build system

Hi Oisin,

Unfortunately due to schedule constraints I wasn't able to set up a F2F meeting for the build hackathon that we discussed about a while ago. 
I would like however to propose an initial skype conf-call about this, or some other technology (Adobe Connect?) that we could use to kick-start the transition to the independent building of the SOA TLP projects. If you have already sketched-up some info on this, then this could be used as prep for the meeting as well, but regardless, I think such a meeting could be quite helpful. 

I'm thinking 2 hours is probably manageable (not too short yet not too tiring either). Here's a Doodle poll for the date, on the week of the 13th of September (feel free to add dates to the poll if none is suitable). Please fill in your availabilities (all times CET):

I have also added a comment to the original bugzilla entry that contains the contents of this email, feel free to reply on the bugzilla if you prefer:

Thanks in advance.

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