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[soa-pmc] SOA TLP Build

Hi Oisin,

During the last SOA PMC meeting, we have come up with a proposal on moving forward with the build process for the SOA TLP. Based on the issues explained in the bug that you opened [1], we believe that a good way forward is indeed going with the "independent" build approach where each sub-project is responsible for their own build, and then assemble everything together from the individual P2 update sites. Some projects would be very happy to reuse as much as possible the stuff that we have for STP, in order to avoid re-inventing the wheel. 

The only issue of course is the learning/understanding of all that Buckminster code, as well as how to do the appropriate changes. So we were wondering whether we could organize a hands-on session sometime during the summer so that we quickly advance with this. If you were available for a day or so, we could then meet up somewhere and get our hands dirty with the code and hopefully even finish (or at least get far with) the required configuration for the individual projects. This would enable us not only to get the thing running but also to understand what all this is about so that we can make future changes on our own, like proper grown-ups :)

So if you're available and willing please let us know and we'll try to organize something. Alternatively, if you think we don't need to physically meet, do you have a quick-start guide to get us going on this path? 



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