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[soa-pmc] [CQ 4246] hazelcast Version: 1.8.4

--- Comment #6 from Andrea Zoppello <andrea.zoppello@xxxxxx>  2010-06-11 07:45:46 ---

Hi Zsolt,

I need a clustering/group management library to manage the scenario of
deployments where more than one ebpm service manager isntances are running.

When an EBPM service manager instance startup ( if the clustering is enabled )
the node identified with a unique ID join a cluster and notifies other nodes
about the services he has.

I also need to manage master-slave configurations for ebpm service managers.

My original code is based on jgroup, but i'll modify to use a cluster manager
service, and i would like to provide for ebpm an implementation on top of
hazelcast ( because jgroup can't work with eclipse due to the LGPL restriction


(In reply to comment #5)
> Andrea, in which context / usage scenario do you need Hazelcast / jgroup?

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