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[soa-pmc] Re: [stp-pmc] SCA Tools release review slides

Ok :-)
Attached are the slides for review of the SOA PMC.

Stephane Drapeau

Zsolt Beothy-Elo a écrit :
I think you also should send the slides to the SOA PMC mailing list :)


Am 27.05.2010 um 22:08 schrieb Stephane Drapeau:


Attached are the SCA Tools release review slides for Helios (due tomorrow). The approval of the PMC is needed for the release review. So, please, review and give your +1s.

Below is the required "short description", which replaces the mini-deck this year I guess:

SCA Tools is a set of tools to help developers of SCA applications. The project focuses on: - SCA ecore meta models corresponding to the XSD scheme proposed by the Open SOA consortium and by OASIS - Ecore meta models of additional implementations, interfaces, and bindings defined by the SCA runtime implementations Tuscany, Frascati, and Fabric3 - Editors (XML, form, graphical) that help developers to construct SCA assembly files - Introspective tools that analyze existing code to complete the SCA model according to SCA annotations found in the code
The main improvements brought by the SCA Tools 2.1.0 release are:
- The support of the OSOA specifications and the OASIS specifications.
- The support of Tuscany 2.X and Fabric3 extensions.


Stephane Drapeau


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