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Re: [smila-dev] Solr monitoring via REST API?

Hi Andreas,


I plan to integrate Solr Administration ReST API similar to the 3.5 Solr integration in Smila. It will be possible to add/delete cores and collections, optimize an index, etc.

Besides it will be possible to request all the information Solr provide about a running Solr instance like how many documents are indexed, uptime and so on.


As soon as the documentation is done I’ll give you a hint.


Best regards,




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question to those working on Solr 4 integration:


Will it be possible to have some Solr monitoring via SMILA's ReST API then?

e.g. to see how many documents are indexed, or to do some administrative stuff (e.g. adding/deleting or clearing an index).


Best regards,







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