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Re: [smila-dev] time for new adventures and experiences

Hallo Thomas,


thank you for the great job you’ve done on SMILA!

May you do well.





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Subject: [smila-dev] time for new adventures and experiences


hi folks,
it's been a great 4-5 years that i have been part of the SMILA team. Both as a comitter as well as a project co-lead i have gained tremendously from the experience that this project provided. But it is time to move on (job-wise) and this change will render me incapable of continuing as co-lead.


I therefore step back to be a humble comitter and want to nominate and highly recommend Peter Wissel as my successor. He has shown his sound SMILA knowledge by implementing most of the Solr integration and has gained much experience by implementing SMILA solutions for our customers.  Therefore: please give him your vote!
so long,

Thomas Menzel