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[smila-dev] SMILA as Search engine

Dear Developers,


I’m working for the PT-DLR (http://www.pt-dlr.de/) and we are managing a lot of websites. Now we want to replace our actual search engine with Smila. By default Smila is indexing http://wiki.eclipse.org/SMILA/ and it’s easy to change the startURL in the jobs.json.


Now my problem: I want to give Smila more than one website (e.g. url1.com + url2.com). So the indexing  should work independent of each other. In addition if I implement a search form in the website, it should show only content from itself, for example:


If I’m searching something in url1.com, stuff from url1.com should be shown only.


Does anybody know where I could find some tutorials for my case or can give me some hints.


Thanks in advance.


Best regards,


René Corinth