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[smarthome-dev] Stepping down as project lead & committer of Eclipse SmartHome

Dear Eclipse SmartHome developers & community,

Since its creation 5 years ago, Eclipse SmartHome has prospered from a small code contribution originating from openHAB 1 to a very powerful framework that is flexible enough to be used in very diverse commercial products and offerings.
It was my honor to serve as the project lead during all this time and I have enjoyed all the technical discussions and the professional way of collaboration in this community.

Today, the day has come that I have to resign from my role as project lead, as well as committer to this project by the end of January. This is not because I do not believe in this project or the quality of its codebase anymore. The reason is solely that I will take on new responsibilities in my day job at Deutsche Telekom and do not see myself being able to actively serve Eclipse SmartHome in my spare time only (besides all my activities at openHAB).

Besides myself, Henning will not be available as a committer for Eclipse SmartHome any longer, which leaves the project in the unhealthly situation of soon only having a single committer left (Markus).

What does this mean for the future? Well, there are essentially two options:
1. New committers joins the project, elect a new project lead and continue Eclipse SmartHome from where it is.
2. If nobody steps forward within the next days, the project has to be declared dysfunctional and the Eclipse Foundation will take the necessary steps, which most likely will mean to archive the project.

I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to Eclipse SmartHome over the past years and especially the ones who have actively helped on its maintenance as a committer ( The good news is that the codebase will in any case continue to serve many smart home installations around the world - and the openHAB community plans to reintegrate it into the openHAB project, where it can further evolve.

Kind regards,

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