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[smarthome-dev] Sample Karaf Distribution

Hi guys,

similar to "";
that shows an example packaging for "Concierge", I created a sample
packaging for Karaf using ESH stuff only (so, no openHAB, shk or
similar related stuff).

I think it could be used for different stuff:
* show how simple it is to create a custom Karaf distribution
* make it more easy to "show" Bugs that could be reproduced easily
using the Karaf container (e.g. its so easy to switch between Felix
and Equinox etc.)

What do you think to move that demo packaging (smiliar to the existing
one) to the eclipse repo?
For me it doesn't matter in which repo it resides, but as we already
provide Karaf features, perhaps a sample dist using Karaf you be a
nice addition, too.

Best regards,

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