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[skalli-dev] Gerrit@Eclipse and a Draft for Permissions in Skalli

Hi all:
You might have recognized that since yesterday Skalli is on Gerrit@Eclipse [1], which should make contributions and community work much easier. We yet have to find out how to use the fancy IP flags, but pushing changes seems to work as expected ;-)
Details for Gerrit registration and usage can be found in the Eclipse Wiki [2]. If there is a volunteer to adapt our contributor guide [3], please feel free!

I would also like to inaugurate our Gerrit project with a proposal for an authorization concept for Skalli [4]. Up to now, committers can do anything on their projects, people can freely create projects and there are no means to restrict access to resources. Obviously, despite for very “open” organizations, that is not enough. Even Eclipse has certain rules, e.g. that project creation is a serious thing that should be controlled, but we currently cannot enforce such rules in Skalli.
Please review the proposal and comment directly in Gerrit. 
There is also a second patch [5] with an API proposal.



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