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[skalli-dev] Product Download and Tutorials

Hi Friends of Skalli:


Our first year as Eclipse project is almost over, but before we leave for the holiday season we have some gifts for you.


You might already have recognized that Skalli has made some big steps towards a real product that one can just download and try out. I already reported last time, that finally our build is set up on the Eclipse Hudson [1] from which you can download the latest build artifacts [2]. Our problems with Vaadin 6.5.3 are solved in the meantime and the edit dialog works again.


Thanks to Robert we now provide also an out-of-the-box installation [3] that you can just download, unpack and start. For the details have a look at our User Guide [4]. The product is built for Windows, but I have successfully run it on Linux, too. Furthermore, the zip contains a large amount of test projects so that you can immediately start and explore all the functionality of Skalli.


Last but not least, I have contributed a comprehensive tutorial to the Wiki, titled “Skalli in 20 Minutes: A Quick Walkthrough” [5] including screenshots of all major Skalli screens (with greetings to Ulrik and Gustaf – hope that you find them useful). It is based on the out-of-the-box installation and you should have no difficulties trying it out yourself.


Merry Christmas and a happy new year,




[1] Skalli Build Job:

[2] P2 Update Site:

[3] Installable:

[4] User Guide:

[5] Tutorial:





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