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[skalli-dev] Working Eclipse Build --- and a problem with Vaadin 6.5.3

Hi all:

Thanks to Robert working tirelessly on bringing our third-party libraries into the Eclipse orbit project, we have a working build [1] at Eclipse since last week and a P2 update site [2]! Furthermore, I have updated our Wiki a little describing how to install Skalli on a Jetty WebRT with P2 [3].


Unfortunately, switching from Vaadin 6.4.0 to Vaadin 6.5.3 broke the edit dialog of Skalli [4]. A workaround for local development is described in the issue. Sorry for any inconvenience, but having a working build after so long a time was worth any troubles I think.


[1] Hudson Build Job:

[2] P2 Update Site:

[3] Deploying Skalli:





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