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Re: [skalli-dev] deleting Projects - how to handle Conflicts



-1 for suggestion 1 : if you want to really a whole project tree, it is quite annoying to work from the bottom up. It’s like in good old DOS times where you had to delete a directory tree always from bottom up


-2 for suggestion 2: Our (persisted) model should never be in an inconsistent state and having all parts of an application check all possible model inconsistencies again and again is usually a bad idea.


I see some more possibilities:


3. remove the parent dependency from project B and make it a top-level project

4. make project B a subproject of the next non-deleted project up in its project hierarchy

5. make project B a subproject of some built-in “Lost&Found” project and add a validator to notify the project that it has lost its parent and should be reassigned.


Independent from that we should display a warning dialog if someone tries to delete a project with subproject. Maybe it would also be a good idea to offer a possibility to delete a whole project tree?





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as a admin you are allowed to delete a Project.


I now have found out that we do not check any preconditions.

Eg imaging you have the following setting:


ProjectA -> this is the one you want to delte

ProjectB - > has a projectRelation to ProjectA


If you now delete project A, ProjectB will get “invalid”.

With the latest version you will get an Exception when opening ProjectB (as it still has the relation to projectA, which no longer exist!) and it will not be displayed. What really is not nice.


What’s your suggestion to solve this problem?


I see different possibilities:

  1. Only allow deleting Project when no other Project has a relation to it (how can we implement that in a generic way?)
  2. No Extension should not fail if a deleted Project is still referenced. Just ignore those references and persist this change in the next comming save action.
  3. Any better suggestion?


Regards Britta




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