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Re: [skalli-dev] Switch logging to log4j

When touching all sources anway, why not switching to slf4j (and then using the log4j binding as a default)? We'd then gain more flexibility and could switch to any other widely used logging library without having to touch the code again.


2011/8/26 Ochmann, Michael <michael.ochmann@xxxxxxx>

+1 for switching to log4j


The old mechanism with the adapter to the OSGi logging service, even after my refactoring recently, was not reliable enough.

Furthermore, neither java.util.logging nor OSGi logging service is in wide spread use, so that most runtimes don’t aggregate logs from that sources well (if at all).





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we plan to switch the current java.util.logging to log4j which provides additional functionality and configuration options. This way we also get rid of the o.e.s.log bundle, which is no longer needed then.


Are there any objections? I will prepare a patch in the mean time.



Regards, Robert

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