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Re: [skalli-dev] EOL - Dissusion - Reformatting commit requested

I have corrected the link to


Some more details:

If you want to find out about the mode you can use the git bash command:  find ./org.* -type f | xargs dos2unix -t -v 2


I have played around with  different eclipse editors under windows and our current mixed code (New Line file line delimiter = Windows):

·         Target files:

o   LDI target: changes all EOL of a file to \r\n when deleting or inserting a new update-site

o   Text editor: leaves EOL as they are are

·         launch files:

o   Eclipse launch edior: converts all EOL to \r\n

·         java files

o   java editor:

o   does not change the EOF when eg. auto formatting the code (mixed mode stay mixed mode)

o   new insert lines via keybord-Return the in most cases \r\n EOL from the previous line

o   when copying lines it depends ...for source and destination EOL

·         pom.xml

o   pom editor: dont change the EOL

·         xml editor:

o   dont change the EOL when saving

o   new lines became the same as the surrounding once.

·         text editor:

o   dont changes the EOL by saving

o   new lines became the same as the surrounding once.

o   copying of lines depend on the surroundings/what’s copied

·         MANIFEST.MF

o   with manifest editor:

o   does not change the EOL when saving


The creation of new files with “New Line file line delimiter” = Unix does not work for all use cases.

Eg. a creation of a new Plugin-project dose not create all files with only a LF. Eg the the .project and the .build had still windows LineEndings.

Creating a new class works correct. So you have to be very careful, when using the  option core.autocrlf=false.


Regards Britta






From: skalli-dev-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx [mailto:skalli-dev-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx] On Behalf Of Varwig, Britta
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Subject: [skalli-dev] EOF - Dissusion - Reformatting commit requested




I have found out that we in the Skalli source use the EOF in a strange mixed mode:


Some files contain CRLF (Windows mode) others only LF (Unix mode) and others both  mixed.


I have put some detailed explanations of using EOF into


As we can’t exclude MAC and UNIX user and therefore have to go for only having  LF in the GIT Repository.


So I suggest, if there are no doubts, that one of the committers do one big commit doing a Reformatting to LF.


Regards Britta




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