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Re: [skalli-dev] Commit for bugs 347537, 347536

Hi Britta,

On Wed, Jun 1, 2011 at 1:05 PM, Varwig, Britta <britta.varwig@xxxxxxx> wrote:

according to the testData:

I did not recognize that we now would have 2 places for testdata.


I expect both locations should N O T  contain the same Test-Data.


My suggestion would be the following:


·         For :

                UseCases: developer would like to start a Skalli with some example-testdata.

è It would be nice if a admin + guest and some projects are available (as in my patch)




·         o.e.s.feature/rootfiles/workdir

UseCase: for product build

Which test data do we need here?  Isn’t  that more or less custom specific and should not contain any specific data like users and projects?.

At least I would say that the admin should only be available in the jetty configuration to show how you can configure him.

I would suggest to not add him in storge/Group/ xml files.


I suggest that customer run their own osgi scripts to setup the admin (osgi> skalli admin -add myCustomSpezificAdmin)

And there one Rest-api –configurations.


What do you think?

So: I will add your testdata to
I will remove the storage dir from o.e.s.feature/rootfiles/workdir

Thanks for your hint.

Bye, Jochen


Regards Britta



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Hi Britta,

On Tue, May 31, 2011 at 10:36 AM, Varwig, Britta <britta.varwig@xxxxxxx> wrote:

I had a look into the change „ Add product export to Skalli” (commit-id 2626878b1c332fe1cfbfce36378a04738ab034bb) and found out that you added an admin user.


Had you seen that there is a pending bug from me with provides additional test data: ( I am not a committer now and cant checkin L


@Jochen: Would you like to add that patch as well and merge with your changes?


Yep, I will do that.

We have two locations now, where testdata should be set: (for development)

o.e.s.feature/rootfiles/workdir (for product build)


I think it would make sense to put the testdata in both locations?



The pom.xml for the new project org.eclipse.skalli.orbit.feature for the maven build is still missing. But I think we can add that later.


Grr... I want to have a Review system ...

I only thought about Eclipse based product export, did not check for maven. I will add that too.

Thanks for the hint.



Regards Britta


Bye, Jochen


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