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Re: [skalli-dev] Where to store example sourccode?



how about an „examples“ folder, which contains the two tutorials? This way we won’t clutter the main project tree in the file system too much and we can add new examples easily. We could think about an “examples” profile in case they take a long time to build in the future but currently they should be very quick.


I will propose a similar concept with the thirdparty dependencies sometime today or Monday. The bundle wrappers would also clutter the root too much so they are moved to a sub directory.



Regards, Robert


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Subject: [skalli-dev] Where to store example sourccode?



After I have added the 2 extension Tutorials ( to the wiki, I would like to provide the corresponding “Hello World Extension” source somewhere to the community.


My suggestion would be to add the 2 modules to the git repo (

  • org.example.skalli.ext.helloworld
  • org.example.skalli.ext.simplehelloworld


And even add them to the main pom.xml as modules, so that they are in the same reactor build.


Any doubts? Any better suggestions?


Regards Britta




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