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Re: [skalli-dev] How many launches to you want to have?

Hi Britta,

On Thu, May 12, 2011 at 5:29 PM, Varwig, Britta <britta.varwig@xxxxxxx> wrote:
on a patch with an skalli-jetty.launch is available (has not reached origin/master by now).
Additionally a skalli.lauch is available in project
What was the reason to have both?

One launch config is fine, only property has to be fixed to OSGi standard. Reopened the bug.

Additionally I would like to provide a workdir with some  testdata. (some example projects and users fitting to the jetty-users)
Benefit for Skalli beginners:  they fast can get a feeling of a working and filled skalli.

Thats a good idea. 
 I would like to have a suitable launch file for that as well, or can I “reuse” the current available one and just add the testdata to the current workdir?

For a quick startup, it is an good idea to have a non-empty storage to play around with, especially for simple demoing purposes. I would reuse the as default directory. 

For other needs, developers can adapt or clone the launch config for their needs (like I am doing for my Telekom customization).

Regards Britta

Bye, Jochen

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