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[sirius-dev] [ANN] Sirius 0.9.0

Hi all,

On behalf of the team I am happy to announce that Sirius 0.9.0, the first release for us as an official Eclipse project, is now available [1].

You can get the code from the following update sites:

They all correspond to the exact same source code, but built against a different base Eclipse version. We recommend you use the update site corresponding to you Eclipse version (it can prevent some issues with broken binary compatibility between releases). Note that Sirius depends on a version of the Guava library which is not available by default from a Juno install. You need to add the Orbit update-site at [2] if you want to install Sirius on Juno.

The download page at [3] and the Eclipse Marketplace entry [4] now point to the Kepler version of this release.

The release notes for 0.9.0 are available in the embedded documentation and on the web at [5]. They contain important instructions on how to migrate to Sirius for users of Obeo Designer.

Sirius 0.9 is designed as a "pivot" release to serve as an intermediate step for existing users who will want to migrate from Obeo Designer to Sirius 1.0. Version 0.9 is functionally equivalent to Viewpoint 6.10 (the previous name of the technology), the last version developed internally by Obeo and Thales. The only differences are in the names and in the support in Sirius 0.9 for automatic migration of user models (the *.odesign and *.aird files) into the Sirius namespace.

The team is now focusing on version 1.0, which will be released next June as part of the Luna release train. The main themes for the 1.0 release are:
- better modularization and APIs;
- performance and scalability;
- ease of use for new adopters.

Milestone releases towards 1.0 will be provided following the release train schedule [6].

Thanks to all the project members for their work on this release.

Best regards,
Pierre-Charles David (Sirius co-lead)


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