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Re: [servlet-dev] 6.0.0 release

On 10/11/2021 18:35, Mark Thomas wrote:

We should have started the 6.0.0 release by now. The main task is to provide a PR for the Servlet TCK. I have time to work on that but before I start are there any additional changes (whether PRs are available or not) that we want to get into 6.0.0? If yes, we need to agree those changes ASAP.

Just an update on this.

I have started to look at the TCK changes that will be required. My rough outline of a plan is:

a) Run the existing TCK and see what breaks with the changes we have
b) Fix the existing tests that are broken
c) Review currently excluded tests with a view to fixing whatever caused
   them to be excluded and re-enable them
d) Add new tests for new/changed functionality

I'm currently on b) where I have found a few tests that should have failed that didn't.

Once c) is done we should be in a position to tag 6.0.0 and start pulling together the release review (we will still have the option to re-tag if we find something we missed).

I have a draft PR for the TCK changes here:


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