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Re: [servlet-dev] Do you plan to move your TCK tests out of the Platform TCK project for Jakarta EE 10+?


I've been converting a number of Servlet TCK tests to use exactly this combination of technologies.

These are tests taken directly from the Servlet TCK and converted to the newer test harness.

A noticed a few things that are now missing:

1. Arquillian doesn't have a way to inject the HTTPS URL.
2. There's no API for a adding users and their passwords to the proprietary container default identity store.
3. There's no API to add certificates and to container key or trust store, or to obtain the default container certificate (so the test can add it to the trust store)
4. There's no API to set container system properties

These should be relatively easy to add, either directly to the Arquillian core, or perhaps to an Arquillian-TC extension.

Kind regards,

On Tue, Jun 22, 2021 at 9:46 PM Scott Marlow <smarlow@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

[1][2] is a proposal for how to produce Standalone TCKs by extracting TCK tests from the Platform TCK.  The process for extracting Standalone TCK tests is described via the GUIDELINE FOR EXTRACTING TCK section [3].

Do you plan to move your TCK tests out of the Platform TCK project and into your Specification project?  If yes, you will publish your Standalone TCK artifacts to Maven so that the Platform TCK can consume your tests.  Some Standalone Specification TCKs will also be consumed by the Core Profile TCK (and possibly other EE profiles).

From the [1] feedback received so far, both TestNG + Junit5 are popular test frameworks.  Maven is the likely choice to switch to using in the EE Platform TCKs.

The Platform TCK community needs to take a deep look at the Platform TCK internals and consider what the Jakarta EE 10+ Platform TCK architecture will look like.  But I think first, we should do some incremental hacking to bring in some Maven based testing as suggested by jakartaee-tck/issues/51 [4].



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