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Re: [servlet-dev] Spec section 4.2 - what does it mean?

On 7/18/20 4:13 PM, Mark Thomas wrote:
Hi all,

Section 4.2 has the following text:

Servlets in a container that were not deployed as part of a web
application are implicitly part of a “default” web application and have
a default `ServletContext`. In a distributed container, the default
`ServletContext` is non-distributable and must only exist in one JVM.

I can honestly say I have no idea what this is referring to. Is it a
full Jakarta EE server issue? It doesn't seem to make any sense for
'just' a Servlet container.

Can anyone shed any light?

From what I recall "distributed container" is referring to EE server clustering, at least that is what I (and others that I worked with on an earlier EE server) thought it meant some years ago but as others point out, how clustering works with EE has never really been defined.


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