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Re: [servlet-dev] Release staged 5.0.0 to Maven Central

As an FYI, I just posted this to the Specification PR for Servlet 5.0 (

@arjantijms, on the Platform call today, we discussed the Automatic Module names. We discovered a couple of components that have an "incorrect" automatic module name specified. Servlet is one of them. In the servlet api pom file, it is generating an automatic module name of "java.servlet". To be consistent with the package name update, this should be "jakarta.servlet". There is an active discussion whether these type of updates need to be done for Jakarta EE 9 or not. For these cases where the javaprefix is being used instead of jakarta, I think they should be.
This would require a respin of the Servlet 5.0.0 API jar file.
FYI, besides Servlet, we have also found Transactions, Authentication, and Authorization in the same boat. There may be more. @keilwis continuing the investigation by updating this spreadsheet.


Kevin Sutter
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On Tue, Jul 21, 2020 at 4:31 PM Mark Thomas <markt@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


I'm going to assume there aren't going to be any objections and start
work on a PR.

Okay, great! I'll keep an eye out on that and will restage 5.0.0 then and re-run the TCK.


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