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[sequoyah-dev] Mainttaining the Pulsar EPP package


The Sequoyah team has been maintaining the Pulsar EPP since the
project was formed in December 2009. At the time, it made sense
because the Sequoyah team had their hands in the code and were getting
all the builds working.  However, the Pulsar EPP package is no longer
of interest to Motorola since we aren't focused on Java ME any longer.
I am planning to have our employees focus on things closer to our
commercial interest (e.g. Sequoyah, CDT, DTP, etc.).

If the Pulsar EPP package has value to others in the community, then
we need to transition to new maintainers. There is some amount of
effort in getting new package maintainers established, so this process
should start earlier rather than later. We want this to be an orderly
transition and we will be available to mentor new contributors. We
have Pulsar EPP working with M4, but we won't be building for M5 and
we won't contribute the package to the Indigo train. In the interest
of continuity, if changes are needed for Helios SR2, we will make
those changes, test, and post a new package for download.

To be clear, I'm only talking about the EPP package that is available
on download.eclipse.org. Sequoyah continues to be an active project
and Motorola employees will still commit code to the project. The
Sequoyah project will still be on the Indigo train. The Mobile
Industry Working Group will continue to meet under Ronnie King's
leadership. Other than the maintainers and/or availability of the
package, nothing else will change.



Eric Cloninger (ericc@xxxxxxxxxxxx)
Eclipse Sequoyah Project Lead