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[sequoyah-android-dev] Android CDT Update

Hey gang,

I need to update you on some major changes I've made to the Android native plugins.

First of all, I've rebooted them. I've found a better approach to setting up the build settings that avoids using CDT internals. I've also figured out how to write a scanner discovery profile so the CDT indexed should be much more reliable. I've used the same toolchain ids so the new plugin will work with projects created with the old ones so impact on the early adopters who are using them should be minimal.

The other reason for the reboot is to start working towards contributing them to the AOSP where they will get much more exposure to the NDK community. On the way though I want to use them as an exemplary implementation for a new scanner discovery architecture coming for CDT 8. So the reboot is happening in the CDT project to ensure they are included in our builds. I will also release previews that will work with CDT 7 so that the community can benefit from the other improvements I'm doing with their current Eclipse installs.

I hope this isn't overly disruptive but I firmly believe it's the right thing to do for the good of the community.

The plugins can be checked out of CDT's CVS space in the 'android' folder. I'll be looking at debug soon too so check back regularly.