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Re: [sdv-wg] SDV Initial Technical Alignment session notes

Hi Daniel,


I am now working under the banner even if I am still quite involved with my Linaro friends 😉






De : sdv-wg <sdv-wg-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx> au nom de "Krippner Daniel (SDV/EAR ETAS-VCS/ETH)" <daniel.krippner@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Date : jeudi 21 juillet 2022 à 11:07
À : Software Defined Vehicle Working Group <sdv-wg@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Objet : [sdv-wg] SDV Initial Technical Alignment session notes



               Hello SDV Tech community,


Thank you again for participating in our kickoff session for a SDV tech sounding board/echo chamber/alignment forum this Tuesday! I was hoping for good turnout – we were quite ‘spontaneous’ with finding that first slot – but wasn’t expecting so many of you to turn up, so I was happy 😊


As promised, this is a collection of notes/information from that session – I would be happy to see discussions forming around this, in our Slack channel or the mailing list, whatever works, so feel free to react to this!

Many regards,






Link to the ‘SDV Technical Advisory Committee’ charter document (not publicly editable at the moment, we’re looking into that): SDV Technical Advisory Committee - Google Docs


The discussion starter pictures I showed at the end of the session (attached)


Participants and declarations of interest/context:


Aaron Beisike - Bosch China

- how can big players open their basic source code to the community, similar to [COMASSO](


Steffen Evers - Bosch


Andreas Achtzehn - Bosch


Aymeric Rateau - Toyota

- Observer member, not possible to share company view, Speaker AUTOSAR UCM

- opinion: opening up AUTOSAR will take a long time, thus we need a solution beforehand similar to the smartphone world

- AUTOSAR Adaptive trying to open up, but difficult with IP legalitites

- Eclipse SDV to provide services/applications to ecosystem

               - spec and code for interoperability, common dev environment, common SDK

               - independent from OEM lower-end


Bernd Westphal - German Aerospace Center

- systems engineering for future mobility

- observer


Christian Fraas - Microsoft

- wants to build a platform to ease development for automotive


Claus Stellwag - Elektrobit

- AUTOSAR context - interested in interfaces between relevant ecosystem parts, bring worlds together


Eugen Palnau - Renesas

- deal with diversity of hardware - make things compatible

- cloud native vs hardware products


Francoise Ozog - Linaro

- device assignment, interfaces for - right hypervisor for the right workload

- What are the tools needed for car dealerships to work with "SDVs"? Monitoring, Observation?


Filipe Prezado - Microsoft

- Eclipse Chariott project lead

- target is increase developer productivity and OEM ecosystem enablement

- sees Eclipse.SDV as vendor-neutral community


Harald Ruckriegel - Red Hat

- Chef Technologist Automotive, Industry Representative

- wants to understand better how to have different building blocks work seamlessly together (onboard and offboard)

- allow to "plug in" building blocks


Holger Dormann - Elektrobit

- common interfaces for all kinds of aspects - security, functionality, connectivity, etc

- cloud software, cloud-native, also in SOAFEE


Ido Samuelson - Aptiv

- focusses 5-10 years ahead, tech strategist


Josef Zehetner - AVL

- still trying to find our place in Eclipse.SDV WG

- digital process engineering; concepts of digital prototypes for digital validation / co-simulation tools / simulation environments


Mohamed Bejijou - Valeo

- AUTOSAR background

- common IDE for devops, CI/CI, in-vehicle platforms, cloud connectivity


Mina Hamdi - Valeo

- colleague of Mohamed


Sean Selitrennikoff - Microsoft

- 33yrs on constrained/embedded devices, working with OEMs


Stefan Schwarz - NXP

- part of automotive SW organization, especially interested in smaller systems


Sven Honert - Denso

- working on SDV platform for DENSO

- thinks output of this platform will play a major role for OEMs in Europe


Ted Guild - Geotab

- connected standards lead, partner engagement, MIT alumni, worked at W3C

- active in COVESA

 - need common interoperability

- aftermarket device engagements, wants to get rid of proprietary integrations


Teemu Kärkkäinen - Intel

* curious about SDV


Zinan Liu - Honda R&D

- new to the field - AD, ADAS, data logging, data science


Gabriely Kreyßing - Bosch

- Eclipse Velocitas


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