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[science-iwg] Science Fall Release


At our annual meeting we decided that we would like to move forward with a "fall release" for some subset of Science Working Group projects. This would be similar to the simultaneous release for Eclipse as whole, but just for our stuff. Hopefully this will start to get us prepared to join future simultaneous releases.

So far I have the following projects on the list for the release:

This "release" will be a coordinated release in which all participating projects
1.) prepare a working version of their product that can be dubbed release X.Y.Z.
2.) complete all IP, release review and other Foundation requirements.
3.) all artifacts for participating projects are released at the individual project sites and through links at
4.) do whatever else Wayne Beaton says we have to do. ;-)

Release day will be 21st October 2016. I will work with Wayne to figure out other important dates, such as Release Candidate dates, that we need to keep in mind.

Would anyone else like to join in?


Jay Jay Billings
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Twitter Handle: @jayjaybillings

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