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[scava-dev] Help to setup the project


We are a team of 6 students who will be working on Scava for a week in march, as a part of our course. Our current objective is to define the tasks to do. However, we need to run the project first to get the hang of it.


We tried to run the crossminer project on our computers but encountered some problems.

The documentation used is the following one :


- The documentation to run the project from source seems outdated :

- On the "Validate and Run the Platform" section, it is said to open the file "org.ossmeter.platform.osgi/ossmeterfromfeature.product". However it does not exists. The ones that look the most like it are "crossmeterfromfeature.product in metric-platform/tests/org.exlipse.scava.rascal.test" and "scava.product in metric-platform/relenf/org.eclipse.scava.product". With those files, the "validate" works, but not the "Export an Eclipse plugin". The error displayed is : "The product defining plugin could not be found".


- The docker image run by the docker-compose file "web-dashboards/docker/ossmeter.yml" is for ossmeter. It is 9 months old, and the default user provided on the documentation (user:demo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx password: demo18) doesn't work.


Is the documentation to run the project up to date, and if so what have we done wrong ?



The Master ICE Team.

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