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[scava-dev] SCAVA Dashboard Fixed/Improvements

Hello all,


While I started playing with the SCAVA dashboard deployed on, I saw that platform worker in charge of executing the analysis task for a GitHub project was disappeared. After investigation, I discovered the following points:

In the Properties view, there is not a property configuration related to the “GitHub Access Token” needed to get access to GitHub APIs and therefore execute the appropriate GitHub metrics. So, it’s recommended the configure the GitHub token before start analyzing the GitHub Repositories. Otherwise the worker still blocked until access resource will be available for the GitHub APIs.

  1. Secondly, we developed previously a feature for detecting workers with inactivate status based on heartbeat value equals 10 min in order to remove the associated worker and update the analysis task status. This situation explains why the worker is disappears. For now, we disabled this feature until we will found a good way to treat the situation when a worker is blocked by running the a metric provider.

I pushed a new version of SCAVA dashboard including some fixed and improvements:

  • Disable auto-checking workers with failed status when running a metric-provider exceed 10 min.
  • Update the workers dashboard view by adding:
    • Current execute metric.
    • Last execution date.
    • Current execute date.
  • Fix add analysis-task form validation.


Please, let me know if you have any questions.


Best regards,

Amin Boudeffa


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