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Re: [scava-dev] License questions

Dear Gergo,

To clarify and close this thread:

(1)  The WTFPL license is not approved.  However, the terms of it allow us to distribute content licensed under it by way of a diff license.  As a result, the Foundation decided several years ago that anything subject to the WTFPL, we would distribute as MIT.

(2) The MIT license is approved.

In any cases, we will have to declare all the CQs of each of these components.


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On 6 Nov 2018, at 11:50, Gergő Balogh <geryxyz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Dear All,

We have two license related questions.

1. We would like to use the following well-known and commonly used library at the plug-in side.
It has a strange license, namely WTFPL:

2. We also implemented a couple of helper scripts which ease the integration of our build process with the CI. They made it possible to build and create several distributions of the plug-in, including the one which contains a portable Eclipse version. We use a 3rd party plug-in to load the CROSSMINER plug-in into this. This plug-in is published under the MIT license.

Are these licenses compatible with EPL, in other words it is allowed to use the above library and plug-in?

Have a nice day!

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