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[scada-dev] can't build from source code because of the '' p2 site not available.


Dear Sir,


I got a problem with ‘mvn building’ neoscada from source code, because the ‘’ can’t be accessed, it seems the server was down.


The source code was cloned from


Try to run the project root ‘build’ script will failed because lack of the below dependency.


[ERROR] Cannot resolve project dependencies:

[ERROR]   Software being installed: 0.5.0.qualifier

[ERROR]   Missing requirement: 0.5.0.qualifier requires 'org.eclipse.equinox.p2.iu; io.netty.buffer 0.0.0' but it could not be found


[ERROR] See for help.

[ERROR] Cannot resolve dependencies of MavenProject: org.eclipse.neoscada:org.eclipse.neoscada.external.feature:0.5.0-SNAPSHOT @ …


After some studying, I found the problem was the ‘’’ repository was down.

    <location includeMode="slicer" includeAllPlatforms="false" includeSource="true" includeConfigurePhase="false" type="InstallableUnit">

      <unit id="io.netty.buffer" version="4.1.11.Final"/>

      <unit id="io.netty.common" version="4.1.11.Final"/>

      <unit id="io.netty.codec" version="4.1.11.Final"/>

      <unit id="io.netty.resolver" version="4.1.11.Final"/>

      <unit id="io.netty.handler" version="4.1.11.Final"/>

      <unit id="io.netty.transport" version="4.1.11.Final"/>

      <unit id="org.apache.commons.daemon" version="1.0.5.v20111129-0900"/>

      <unit id="org.apache.commons.compress" version="1.9.0"/>

      <unit id="org.eclipse.packagedrone.utils" version=""/>

      <unit id="" version=""/>

      <unit id="org.eclipse.packagedrone.utils.rpm" version=""/>

      <unit id="org.eclipse.packagedrone.utils.deb" version=""/>

      <unit id="bcpg" version="1.59.0"/>

      <unit id="bcprov" version="1.59.0"/>

      <unit id="bcpkix" version="1.59.0"/>

      <unit id="com.codepoetics.protonpack" version="1.15.0"/>

      <unit id="org.jooq.jool" version="0.9.12"/>

      <unit id="org.eclipse.milo.bsd-parser-core" version="0.2.1.ibh"/>

      <unit id="org.eclipse.milo.stack-core" version="0.2.1.ibh"/>

      <unit id="org.eclipse.milo.stack-client" version="0.2.1.ibh"/>

      <unit id="org.eclipse.milo.sdk-core" version="0.2.1.ibh"/>

      <unit id="org.eclipse.milo.sdk-client" version="0.2.1.ibh"/>

      <repository location=""/>



I can’t find these plugins in eclipse p2 site. But these components could be found in Maven repository, so I have tried to add the dependency in the releng target ‘pom.xml’ file. But it seems don’t work. The tycho will just lookup the ‘’ file, just omit the ‘dependencys’ section in ‘pom.xml’.


Could you please advise how to solve this problem? Thanks in advance.











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