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Re: [rt-pmc] ACS project proposal

Sounds like an interesting project.

I have no issues with the current proposal going to IoT.  If the project fits well with the other IoT projects then I suggest it stays with IoT in order to get more collaboration and discussion with the IoT PMC.  My main reasoning is that the projects within RT (and I would also say Technology) are largely independent from each other.  At least with the RT PMC we have not had a lot of intra-project discussions or collaboration for a while.  If the IoT PMC provides them value with respect to IoT concerns then that is likely better suited for the project.

Just my 2c, but in the end if they feel RT is a good fit I would certainly welcome them.


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Date:        10/10/2016 02:58 PM
Subject:        [rt-pmc] ACS project proposal
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Dear runtime and technology PMC,
We recently received this great proposal:


The proposed PMC is Eclipse IoT project but the scope looks broader than just IoT and we would like to know your impression and where is the best place for it (iot/rt/technology).

Julien Vermillard
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