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Re: [rt-pmc] FW: eclipse logo

I would still prefer a gradient on the rings which I think would help distinguish the back of the rings from the front of the rings where they touch on the 2D projection. It's not a show stopper for me though.

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[rt-pmc] FW: eclipse logo

Another version of the eclipseRT logo based on the feedback.   Can we call
this done?


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Hi Ian

Attached you'll find the new sample


Ian Skerrett escribió:
> We are getting very close and I appreciate you fast turnaround.
> A couple a minor requests:
> - it seems like the font size was increase in this latest version?  Was
> intentional or is it a side effect of other changes.  Right now it seems
> word eclipseRT is a bit too big.
> - the new top half layer seems to be too big?  Can it be reduced?  If not
> can you remove it.
> Thanks
> Ian

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