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Re: [rt-pmc] Re: [jetty-dev] jetty dependency's and 'releasing' within eclipse

> Interestingly my Eclipse-centric point of view held that stuff from
> eclipse.org was much more trusted in this regard. The management policies
> for the maven repo are unknown to me. ÂIt might be interesting to see if the
> Eclipse foundation/community could come to trust the maven repo and
> infrastructure. ÂUntil such time it seems implausible that eclipse.org would
> ship bytes that come from an "as yet" untrusted source on a regular basis
> without review. ÂIt is much more realistic to say that projects identify
> bytes they want to ship, get them cleared and then host them on eclipse.org.

I suspect the route here is to have eclipse prepare a maven repository
following some naming convention that will mesh well with the maven
central repository...and then have the join the many other
repositories that aggregate together into the maven central
repository.  Maven users (like jetty!) would then simply reference
these artifacts in maven central and we should be in good shape.

imo, the servlet-api as it exists as a eclipse bundle would slot into
the maven repo something like...


however I would be +1 for having eclipse somehow indicated in that
version string... maybe 2.5.0.v200806031605-E

> Is all this captured in the POM? ÂIs anything else needed other than more
> data in there


^^^^ the javadoc and sources are published alongside the artifact.

> As mentioned, I'm not sure it is an option. ÂAFAIK eclipse only ships
> approved stuff. ÂIncubating is the only way we have of marking something as
> "not quite up to normal standards". ÂThe IP team might be able to advise.
> ÂPerhaps there is something I'm missing.

So its painfully clear, the jetty7 release we are talking about is
only the distribution that end users download and use...we have
limited support for an update site and need to invest more time then
we have had to improve that setup and be more comfortable having our
update site contain anything more then the most basic jetty server and
client....peer review on that update site is more then welcome :)

so I would hope we would be able to be granted an exemption for us to
include these 2 jsp jar files and a cometd example war file into that
distribution people download....imo pointing over to codehaus for a
couple of artifacts and some instructions on putting them in the right
places in the distribution is a cruddy solution which we'll do as a
last resort...

> Yeah, I suggest identify the end goal and then full steam ahead. ÂIMHO the
> end goal is Jetty core with JSP support shipping from Eclipse.org in June
> 2010 all CQ'd and tidy.

The timeline we are chasing here is end of July/August 2009....within
the month basically...