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Re: [rt-pmc] Swordfish IP troubles

Discussion was had and is captured in the meeting minutes.


On 15-Jul-09, at 10:03 AM, Ricco Deutscher wrote:

I seems that I missed the RT PMC call by 1hr.
I thought it is 4pm CET today – I’m sorry for that.
So I suggest to move that item to next call.
When is the next call?


Am 10.07.09 03:19 schrieb "Jochen Krause" unter <jkrause@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

I would like to add this topic to the agenda of the upcoming PMC meeting next wednesday and suggest to have a vote to make Zsolt the new Swordfish project lead at that time.


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Stephanienstrasse 20, 76133 Karlsruhe Germany
General Manager: Jochen Krause
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Am 02.07.2009 um 13:39 schrieb Ricco Deutscher:

 Dear Oliver, I truly think you made an excellent job as Swordfish architect and hope you stay with the team as its lead architect for the future.
 +1 I support the nomination of Zsolt as new project lead for Swordfish.
 Am 02.07.09 13:22 schrieb "oliver Wolf" unter <oliver.wolf@xxxxxxxxx>:
Dear Mike,
 dear Wayne,
 dear RT PMC members,
 dear Swordfish committers,
 now that we’ve done all we could do from our side to help resolve this unfortunate issue and the dust slowly starts to settle,  it’s time for me to address myself to you and make a formal apology on the team’s and my behalf for the disaster we have caused.
 We have not yet had the peace and time to step back and fully analyze and understand how all this could have happened, but one thing is undisputable: as the project lead, I have failed to exercise due care and on that account I assume full responsibility.
 I have therefore decided, in accordance with my organization,  to resign from my role as the project lead with immediate effect and I solicit the RT PMC to comply with my request. I am deeply convinced that this is in the best interest of the project, the Eclipse community as a whole and, ultimately, myself.
 At the same time, I’d like to nominate my colleague and fellow committer Zsolt Beothy-Elo as my successor. Zsolt is a person I trust and I’m absolutely certain that, under his guidance, we’ll be able to establish the necessary processes and controls that help prevent us from failing again.
 On a personal note, I have to concede that taking on multiple roles in Swordfish (project lead, lead architect and public face of the project), along with other responsibilities I have in my organization, obviously was too much for me to handle.  I will remain with the Swordfish project, however — as the lead architect, a committer and a frequent speaker at conferences.
 I’d like to thank you all for your great support and guidance in these difficult times and I’m looking forward to continue working with you.
 Kind regards,

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