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[richbeans-dev] Inactive/dormant project cleanup

Greetings Eclipse Science PMC. 

/cc Eclipse DawnSci, Scanning, and RichBeans committers

I hope that you are all well.

Based on the assertion that "These projects can be considered dormant from the perspective of Eclipse Foundation" and the apparent lack of any activity for at least four years, the EMO believes that Eclipse DawnSci, Eclipse Scanning, and Eclipse RichBeans should all be terminated and archived.

With your approval, PMC, the EMO will initiate the termination process.

Can I get a +1?

Everybody, please take note that any forks of this content must not use Eclipse Foundation trademarks. Specifically, the "org.eclipse" namespace must be changed. Further, I believe (but will confirm) that the "DawnSci" name is a trademark of the Eclipse Foundation.


Wayne Beaton

Director of Open Source Projects | Eclipse Foundation

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