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[recommenders-dev] Models API Weekly Report


here is my report for this week:

What I had planned for this week:
Implement the backend support of the multi repository support.

What I have done this week:
I almost finished implementation of the backend support for the multi repository support (Change is currently in gerrit for review).
So, now it is possible to use more than one repository at the same time. In the background the index of all repositories are downloaded and during a look-up of a model all indices are checked in the order specified on the preference page. A model will finally be downloaded from the repository in whose index the model was found first.

Also I start to improve the update mechanism of the cache in the ProjectCoordinateProvider.
Till now after a manual mapping is changed the hole cache has to be refreshed because the corresponding cache entry can not be identified directly. The new idea is to just refresh/invalidate the affected mapping (e.g. by using two caches instead of only one.)

What I have planned for the next week:
Introduce a tree view in the Modifiy the Model Coordinate View to display the multi repository support (Which models are available in which repository?).
Finishing the improvement of the cache refresh/invalidation.