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[recommenders-dev] [snipmatch] Xtext configuration help needed

Hi all, hi Fabian in particular ;-)

I may need some help with Xtext and configuring the GenerateSnipDSL.mwe2

When building this change [1] our Hudson hangs [2] in an attempt to
download Antlr:

> [INFO] --- fornax-oaw-m2-plugin:3.3.1:run-workflow (default) @ org.eclipse.recommenders.templates ---
> [INFO] Fornax Model Workflow Maven2 Plugin V3.3.1
> [INFO] 0    INFO  StandaloneSetup    - Registering platform uri '/jobs/genie.technology.recommenders/snipmatch.gerrit.master/workspace/plugins'
> [WARNING] 6    WARN  StandaloneSetup    - No projects found in platform location. This is cause by a lack of .project files. Concider to populating the map explicitly via StandaloneSetup.addProjectMapping(ProjectMapping)
> [INFO] 110  INFO  StandaloneSetup    - Adding generated EPackage 'org.eclipse.xtext.xbase.XbasePackage'
> [INFO] 308  INFO  GenModelHelper     - Registered GenModel 'http://www.eclipse.org/Xtext/Xbase/XAnnotations' from 'platform:/resource/org.eclipse.xtext.xbase/model/Xbase.genmodel'
> [INFO] 312  INFO  GenModelHelper     - Registered GenModel 'http://www.eclipse.org/xtext/xbase/Xtype' from 'platform:/resource/org.eclipse.xtext.xbase/model/Xbase.genmodel'
> [INFO] 331  INFO  GenModelHelper     - Registered GenModel 'http://www.eclipse.org/xtext/xbase/Xbase' from 'platform:/resource/org.eclipse.xtext.xbase/model/Xbase.genmodel'
> [INFO] 331  INFO  GenModelHelper     - Registered GenModel 'http://www.eclipse.org/xtext/common/JavaVMTypes' from 'platform:/resource/org.eclipse.xtext.common.types/model/JavaVMTypes.genmodel'
> [INFO] 1355 INFO  AntlrToolFacade    - downloading file from 'http://download.itemis.com/antlr-generator-3.2.0.jar' ...
> [INFO] 
> [INFO] It is recommended to use the ANTLR 3 parser generator (BSD licence - http://www.antlr.org/license.html).

You then have to abort the build as otherwise this message occurs over
and over again and your log file grows to 4 GB(!).

Now, googling turned up several probably causes for this:

- The Hudson at Eclipse is behind a proxy and that might need to be
configured. But AFAIK the workflow engine runs in its own JVM and hence
needs the proxy config passed in [3]. I have no idea how to configure
the appropriate settings documented here [4] for the forked JVM.

- The plugin expects an interactive response (although it doesn't do
this when building locally). There seems to be a "askBeforeDownload"
property, but I have no idea how to set it [5].

Any help is greatly appreciated. Just amend to the Gerrit change if you
think you might have a solution.

Best wishes,


[1] <https://git.eclipse.org/r/#/c/16504/6>
[4] <http://wiki.eclipse.org/Hudson#Accessing_the_Internet_using_Proxy>

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