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[recommenders-dev] [gsoc] Models API Weekly Report


here is my report for this week:

What I have done this week:
During the last week I made some improvements to the version check of Project- and ModelCoordinates.

Also I implemented a new advisor to map between DependencyInfos and ProjectCoordinates. The new advisor (JREDirectoryNameAdvisor) tries to extract the version of the used jre out of the java home folder path. This advisor is necessary to identify a jdk 1.6 which is not added as execution environment (Non of the other advisors catches that case).
Beside of that I start to implement the multi repository support. Till now only one repository can be specified from which the index and models are downloaded. In the future it should be possible to use more than one repository (e.g. if someone wants to use a public and a private model repository at the same time).  In case that more repositories are added, the look-up of a model is processed on the available repositories in a prioritize order.
I start with the backend implementation of that this week (Some modifications to the ui will be implemented later).

What I have planned for the next week:
I planned to continue the implementation of the multi repository support. The first step is to implement an simple approach which will be improved/optimized afterwards to remove unnecessary overhead.