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[recommenders-dev] [gsoc] Weekly Report


here is my weekly report:

What I had planned for this week:
  • Extend the o.e.r.stats plugin through an Extension Point, which allows third parties to build their own metrics (own tree items and pages)

  • What I have done this week:
    Last week I have started to build the Extension Point, first implementation of the prototype is online in Gerrit [1].
    I have created an Interface (ITreeViewerExtension) which have to be implemented from other plugins. 

    public interface ITreeViewerExtension {

        IDeveloperActivityPage getPage();

        String getTreeItemText();

        ITreeCategory getCategory();

    Defines the tree item name.
    Here you can create your tree item structure. 
    And here you have the possibility to create your own page (parent=Composite). 

    If someone want to test the current functionality, use the attachment in this mail (o.e.r.tim.testing). 

    • check out the code from [1]
    • import the plugin (o.e.r.tim.testing, see attachment) in your workspace
    • add this plugin ((o.e.r.tim.testing)) to your product (or in your "Run Configurations")
    • have "fun"

    What I have planned for the next week:
    • Optimize the "Extension Point" functionality:
      • we need here some infrastructure for own icons in third party plugins 
      • open view mechanism: at the moment I have only one page for a TreeItem, we need here more than one (every tree item needs his own page)
    • Restructure the plugin for the Incubator project
    • Collect data for the Incubator project (bugzilla, gerrit, gsoc, mailing lists etc., see mail from Marcel)



    [1] https://git.eclipse.org/r/#/c/14678/

    Attachment: o.e.r.tim.testing.zip
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