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Re: [recommenders-dev] [GSOC 2013] SnipEditor Weekly Report

Hi Marcel,
-> Set up a wizard to create new snippets.
Will this be part of the next week's sprint?
If you refer to the wizard here, i thought to implement it after i finish the metadata page. Anyway, I'll try to finish it as well until we merge the projects.

the imp prefix is not hard coded, right? From the grammar documentation it seems to me that this isn't needed/can be blank.

I will make it optional.
-> I created a sketch for the metadata page of the editor. It only shows some basic info about the snippet at this moment.
Where can we find it?

This is the other page of the editor. I referred to it as a sketch as it is not finished yet (maybe this was a bad choice of words). I need to add the other info on the page, make the buttons functional and make it a little more pleasing to the eye.

Best Regards,