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[rdf4j-dev] Fun with Elasticsearch


I just merged the ElasticsearchStore to develop.

The ElasticsearchStore stores quads in Elasticsearch, essentially turning Elasticsearch into a graph database. 

My main goal was to simplify another project I have where I’m already using Elasticsearch and I didn’t want to have to deal with backing up and maintaining multiple databases. My dataset is tiny, so I’m not really worried about performance. 

Performance is less than stellar though. Around the same performance for adds and removals. For queries, a simple group by is 4x slower.

There are some changes to help performance though. These also help performance for the other stores. Updates and delete operations are faster on the MemoryStore in general, and significantly faster for the NativeStore in isolation NONE.

Biggest missing feature from the ElasticsearchStore is a write-ahead-log. This means that should your application (or elasticsearch) crash while committing a transaction, the store may be left in an intermittent state with part of your transaction persisted but not all.

Look forward to hearing what you guys think.


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